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At The Mindfull Mentor, I offer in person group math classes for Homeschool students in the Triad Area of North Carolina. With elementary, middle school, and high school level classes available, there’s a class for everyone!

Classes are held in a laid-back, low stress environment where students will explore new concepts and collaborate with peers. When the weather is nice, we have class outside! Check out my current workshops for each level below to sign your student up today.

Elementary Classes

These workshops are for students at grade levels 3-5.

Middle School Classes

These workshops are for students at grade levels 6-8.

High School Classes

These workshops are for students at grade levels 9-12

New Workshop: Ukulele For Beginners!

I’m hoping to start a beginners Ukulele class if you are looking for some fun extracurricular things for your students to do and they are interested in learning to play an instrument. The ukulele is SO much fun, and a very easy instrument to start with for anyone who has never played an instrument before, and just as fun for people who do already play music but are looking for something new to learn! I haven’t set a date to start this workshop because I’m trying to see if there is any interest in it, but if there is, I’d love to get it started! So if this sounds like something you’d be interested in signing your student up for, please fill out the form below to let me know so I can start planning it if we get enough interest! =)



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Spring Math Workshops Begin

Meet The Teacher

My name is Jessica and I’m a former math teacher

I’m excited to help your homeschool student learn and love math!

About Me

I’m a former math teacher whose mission is to teach math in a mindful way that helps kids engage and have fun!

More About Me

Get In Touch

  • jessica@mindfullmentor.com
  • (925) 451-1716

In Person Class Location

South Greensboro, NC 27406

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